Dual Function Red & Green Laser Briefing Pointer

Planning Sessions, Staff Briefings, Military Academies, War Colleges

TwoBeam Green & Red Laser Presenter

Which laser pointer is best for your next planning session, lecture or classroom presentation ? A red laser for a dark conference room or HQ ? Or a green laser pointer for a brightly lit auditorium, classroom or amphitheater ? Problem solved ! The Z-Bolt® TwoBeam is dual use, and includes not one (1) but two (2) laser pointer diodes. The TwoBeam comes nicely finished in mirrored chrome & polished brass accents. Includes LED power on indicator; handy pocket clip.

New Design, Two Buttons, Two Beams

Our TwoBeam design is simple yet revolutionary. Our competitor's green & red laser presenter is clunky and inconvenient. The red and green laser beams emit light from opposite ends; the TwoBeam emits the green & red laser light from the same aperture end. The unit uses common and easily purchased AAA batteries; our competitior's unit uses hard to find button cells and N size batteries. Ships in a stained hardwood travel & carry case. Superior design; longer battery life; ease of use; attractive mirrored finishes; guaranteed Z-Bolt® Certified Power.

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BTG-7, Dual Diode Laser, Hardwood Case $78
  • Length 6.20 in. x Diameter 0.51 in.
    ( 157 mm x 13 mm )
  • Mirrored Chrome & Brass Finish
  • Stained Hardwood Carry Case
  • Power Supply - 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries (included)
  • LED On Indicator
  • Two Buttons, Two Beams, Same Aperture
  • Includes Red Laser Pointer, Green Laser Pointer
  • Wavelength (Color) - 532 nm (Green)
    645 nm (Red)
  • Output Power - Z-Bolt® Certified 4.0 ~ 5.0 mW
  • Output Mode - Constant Wave
  • Switch Type - 2 x Momentary Push Button
  • Laser Operating Life - + 3,000 Hours
  • Diode Circuit Type - Computerized APC
  • FDA Safety Class - Class IIIa
  • Range (at night) - Green - 5 Miles,
    Red - 2,500 ft.
  • Product Warranty - 1 Year

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