BTG-10G Green DOT & BEAM Laser, Hand Held

Personal - Portable - Adaptable - Affordable

Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers

Training - Target & Signal Marking
Non-Verbal Command & Control Tool
Cross-Cultural, Multi-Lingual Communicator

The Z-Bolt® BTG-10G Green Laser simplify tactical operations and provide an indispensable tool for cross-cultural, multi-lingual communication with Allied and Indigenous Government Forces - providing a precise non-verbal comm for tactical teams and an improved state of situational awareness. Field Reports and recent theater deployments indicate the following Uses and Capabilities: Visual Comm to EOD Tech - Illuminate Suspected IED; Mark potential IED from Safe Distance for Robot or Dog Inspection; EOF - Checkpoint - Vehicle Driver Attention; Mark Targets and Concentrate Fire; Cordons & Route Clearance Patrols [RCP]; Allow / Deny Access to Entry Control Points [ECP] & Traffic Control Points [TCP]; Illuminate Trip Wires; Guard House Signaling - Fence Line Incursions; Base Security Visual Comm - Guard & Perimeter Patrol.

Improvements Include Power Lock Out
1" Knurled Tube [2018 Production]

The BTG-10G is classified by the US Army Public Health Command as ANSI Class 3R - when appropriately used, provides a safe, effective solution for base security, MP police functions and operations - either overseas or domestic - US. Add a laser rail mount kit [LRM-KIT] for easy weapons attachment. Kit includes 1" Mount and 6" Cable Switch. 40,000 Units Shipped since 2007. New Features - Improvements 2018: BTG-10G design include a power lockout function - battery tube casing now 1" knurled for superior grip and portable, hand held use. Attaches easily to any standard 1" tactical light mount. The BTG-10G is easily carried; rugged & reliable; water and impact resistant; extremely effective.

Optional Rail Mount Kit:

Add an optional 1" Offset Mount for 1913 Picatinny rails and 6" remote cable switch for weapons mounting. Quick release lever for easy attachment and release of laser unit. Offset design provides multiple options for rail positioning. Remote cable switch includes power lockout function.

Field Reports - Iraq & Afghanistan

NSN # 1265-01-645-8197

Part # BTG-10G

Unit Enhancement Kits - EOF
Escalation of Force - Hail & Warn

Company (12)
Battalion (48)
Brigade (216)

Z-Bolt® has partnered with Ameripack for premium hard cases & Initial Attack for nylon soft packs. Outfit ALL Platoon & Squad Leaders with Company, Battalion, or Brigade size Enhancement Kits. All kits are economically priced; production lead times no longer than 3 weeks for all kit sizes. Lasers ship in choice of nylon pouch; CR123A batteries and User Guides included.

BTG-10G User Guide & Specifications

Escalation of Force Kits - MSRP Prices

Instructors, Trainers, EOD Techs
Precision Beam & Dot Adds Clarity
Precision Visual Aid - Eliminate Confusion

The BTG-10G emits a bright visible beam during night operations, but is Class 3R and will not harm vision of civilians or non-combatants when operated properly. Provides an intense and extremely threatening psychological deterrent to prevent escalation to more lethal measures. Proven to limit civilian and Allied soldier casualties.

Executive Brief - Field Utility Lasers

Select A Product - See Matching Photo Gallery Unit Price  
BTG-10G, Power Lockout, 1" Knurled Tube $265
FT-EOF-4, Fire Team - 4 pcs ($245 pc) $980
SQ-EOF-8, Infantry Squad - 8 pcs ($240 pc) $1,960
CO-EOF-12, Company Enhancement Kit - 12 pcs ($240 pc) $2,880
BN-EOF-48, Battalion Enhancement Kit - 48 pcs ($235 pc) $11,280
BDE-EOF-216, Brigade Enhancement Kit - 216 pcs ($230 pc) $49,680
  • Company Enhancement Kits - EOF
    Ameripack Hard Case
    Interior Dimensions:
    13.5" x 9.5" x 5"
    Nylon Soft Pack
    Interior Dimensions:
    9.5" x 5.5" x 6"
  • BTG-10G Tactical Green Laser Pointer:
    Water Resistant, Shock Resistant
    Field Serviceable, Ruggedized
  • US Made Modular Pouch
    Small Pouch for BTG-10G Green Laser
    Choice of ACU, Coyote Brown, Black [LE],
    MultiCam, Ranger Green
    (Berry Compliant)
  • 2 pcs CR123A Lithium Batteries:
    Lithium / Manganese Dioxide [Li/MnO2]
    1400 mAh, 3 V
  • Constant On/Off Click Switch
  • Includes Accessory Lanyard Loop Switch
  • SOP Instruction Manual, Quick Start User Guide
  • Optional Laser Rail Mount Kit [LRM-KIT]:
    1" Offset Rail Mount [LRM-1]
    6" Remote Cable Switch [RCS-10]
  • Wavelength [Color] - 532 nm [Green - 98% IR Filter]
  • Output Power - 4.0 ~ 5.0 mW
  • Laser Safety Class - ANSI Class 3R
  • Operating Current - < 300 mA
  • Output Mode - Constant Wave
  • Beam Diameter at Source - 1.1 mm
  • Visual Range at Night - 5 miles
  • NSN # - 1265-01-645-8197
  • NSN Part # - BTG-10G
  • Export Classification - EAR99

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