Z-Bolt® Products For 2016
One Laser - Three (3) Functions
Tactical Communications - EOD - EOF

C-TRIP-10G Green Dot & Line Laser

The Z-Bolt® C-TRIP-10G Green Dot & Line Laser has been recently adopted by US Navy EOD and is now deployed in the operational forces. EOD techs use to illuminate and fluoresce trip and command wires. The C-TRIP-10G projects a brilliant Green Laser Line. A 60 degree fan which projects a 15' line @ 15'. Easily scan doorways, halls or stair wells with one pass. Use the new dot & beam function for precise, non-verbal communication, command & control; mark targets or potential IED or bomb locations; issue tactical comms; signal non-lethal intent to civilians, etc.

C-TRIP-10ir Infrared Dot & Line Laser

The Z-Bolt® C-TRIP-10ir Infrared Dot & Line Laser has the same functionality as the C-TRIP-10G, but with a 830nm laser diode for use with night vision optics. Twist the multi-function laser head to switch between a beam & dot function - twist back for a line generator. Both the C-TRIP-10ir and C-TRIP-10G have 1" knurled tubes and power lockout functionality. Attaches easily to any standard 1" tactical light mount. [1" QD Offset Mounts & 6" Cable Switches available]

Single Function EOD Lasers -
Green & IR Trip Wire Illuminators -
Multi-Laser Combination EOD Kits

The Z-Bolt® C-TRIP & C-TRIP-IR Laser Trip Wire Illuminators project either a brilliant Green or Infrared Laser Line. A 60 degree fan which projects a 15' line @ 15'. The Z-BOLT-EOD Combination EOD Laser Kit (pictured at left) includes 1 pc BTG-10G Tactical Green Laser; 1 pc C-TRIP Green Laser Line Generator; 1 pc C-TRIP-IR Infrared Laser Line Generator. Field recommendations have resulted in design improvements for 2013 which include power lockout function - tube casing now 1" knurled for superior grip and portable, hand held use. Choice of MOLLE style pouch for stowage and transport- easily attach to standard 1" tactical light mounts.

Z-Bolt® has received and receives direct input from field commands in Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan. These recommendations, requests, and letters of thanks play an important role in the present and future development of Z-Bolt Laser Products & Systems.

IABTI Member Certified EOD Lasers ...

Z-Bolt Dot & Line Lasers for EOD

Z-Bolt Dot & Line Lasers for Trip Wire Illumination & Detection; Tactical Communication; Crowd Control; IED Designation. Member Tested & Certified by the International Association of Bomb Technicians & Investigators.


. . . from IRAQ . . .

I was deployed in Iraq serving in a Counter Improvised Explosive Devices Training Team (CIED-TT). In my job I get to work with all of the US Armed Forces, and a few times we had personnel on our courses using the Z-Bolt BTG-10G Green Laser and the product has been used in target designation of the Explosive Devices with a great success.

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