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Z-Bolt® Green Laser for Forensics

C-PRINT Green Forensic Laser

Z-BOLT® Green & Blue FORENSIC Lasers

Portable Detection & Imaging of Prints & Biologicals
Expeditionary Labs / Crime Scenes / Battlefield Illumination

SUMMARY: Advances in laser technology lowers procurement costs; enables field unit deployments; retires less effective LED forensic lamp sources; redefines expeditionary & crime scene “portability".

C-PRINT Forensic Laser - Dial the Beam Power & Size

Laser Spectral Brightness Superior to LED

Green (532nm wavelength) and Blue (450nm wavelength) lasers have been repeatedly tested and proven to be superior to LED light sources as a tool for the detection of biological and print evidence in the field and in the lab. Superior spectral brightness provides the operator with a powerful and narrow wavelength band to excite or fluoresce biological evidence for further investigation and photography. Special goggles and/or cameras then filter & translate this narrow wavelength light source into high contrast images – the evidence more easily developed and studied than with a less effective LED lamp based source.


Z-Bolt® Green Forensic Lasers are similar in dimensions to a medium-size flashlight (14 ounces / 396 grams). Easy to transport, carry, and operate, the Z-Bolt® C-PRINT capabilities compare favorably to the Coherent TracER at 45 pounds. The TracER is marketed as delivering “ultimate portability”, but is too heavy to effectively accompany LE, SOF, EOD, or CID teams into the field. Transported in a large hard case, the TracER is too unwieldy for rotary wing or vehicle transport. Z-Bolt® Forensic Lasers are truly “man-portable”. Allowing on site, on the battlefield forensic detection and quality imaging immediately following combat ops; at crime scenes; at expeditionary forensic labs.

CONTACT US: Email John Mueller to stay informed on the C-PRINT Green Forensic Laser, to receive product launch dates, request pricing, etc.

Side View - Green Forensic Imaging Lasers

Use the Z-Bolt® C-PRINT Hand-Held
Also an Effective & Inexpensive Lab Laser Replacement

The C-PRINT is revolutionary in many ways. The C-PRINT employs an extremely bright 400mW green laser diode for superior lab and field fluorescence of prints and biologicals. We’ve included a variable laser power control, and an indexed laser head optics assembly. The pristine flat-top green beam brightness & surface diameter can de “dialed” to match the individual requirements or preferences of the crime lab or bomb technician, or to enhance and augment the capabilities of the specific type of camera imaging system used. "Dial" the C-PRINT to the particular lighting conditions and environment in the lab or field.

Coherent TracER Green Laser for Forensic Imaging

C-PRINT Pricing is Affordable

C-PRINT pricing is affordable - allowing for wider field deployments; expanding AO coverage; increasing collection opportunities. Approx. $6,500 ~ $8,000 vs. Coherent TracER at $28,000. LED forensic lights are currently the only reasonably priced alternative to Coherent lasers, but lack the intense spectral brightness required for effective evidence imaging. Z-Bolt® Forensic Lasers are designed to replace these less effective LED lights, sustain budget viability, and deliver increased field portability & effectiveness. The C-PRINT Green Forensic Lasers ship with red filter laser safety glasses; rechargeable battery system; nylon pack. All in a hard case for stowage & transport.

Blue LED for Forensic Imaging

Blue Forensic LED Light in Development

Contact John Mueller with questions about our Forensic Blue Light development program. The 450nm LED we have running in the lab is producing 2,100mW @ 450nm = +/- 1nm. The power spec would come in at about 100mW/cm2 when the optical design is completed, and will produce a nice, clean TOP-HAT profile (see image left). This performance may be sufficient to match blue laser quality luminance in some cases. 450nm HB LEDs are far more optimized vs.the past. Industry is now making LED chips as efficient and bright as lasers. HB = High Brightness. In the past, filters were used to scrub out longer wavelengths which the LEDs produced.  Companies would use HB Cool White LEDs, then filter out everything above 470nm  We are testing a 450nm LED. We hope to achieve blue light imaging that is portable, mobile, and extremely affordable.

CONTACT US: Email John Mueller to stay informed on the C-PRINT Green Forensic Laser, to receive product launch dates, request pricing, etc.