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Infrared DOT Laser<br>FDA Class 1, Civilian Legal
MARK-1ir ships with 1 pc Military Grade Nylon Pouch; 1 pc Gear Cable Tether
Part Number:MARK-1ir

Infrared DOT Laser
FDA Class 1, Civilian Legal

MARK-1ir Infrared Training Laser - 1,000 meter range; constant on/off switch; lanyard loop; aperture safety shutter; power lockout function. Seventy-five (75) hour battery life. LED power indicator. Lasers ship with 1 pc Retractable Gear Cable Tether. EYE-SAFE FIELD TRAINING!
  • Export Classification:EAR99
  • Law Enforcement:Great for Tactical Teams - Ops Exposing Civilians
  • Eye-Safe Field Training:Train Safely with FDA Class 1 Certified Laser Tech
  • Discounts on 4 & 8 pcs:MARK-1ir Tactical Team Training Kits Here
  • FDA Accession #:12910498-000
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Modular Pouch
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12 pc Battery Pack
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M4 Mounting Hardware
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Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers

NOHD = 0

FDA Certified Class I


FDA Accession # 1910498-000

MARK-1ir Infrared Training Laser - 1,000 meter range; constant on/off switch; lanyard loop; aperture safety shutter; power lockout function. Seventy five (75) hour battery life. LED power indicator.  Water & shock resistant; ruggedized optics.

Tactical Team Communication

Improve Situational Awareness

Precise, Visual, Non-Verbal / Safe Use All CONUS

Reduce Radio Chatter with Precise Silent Signaling

Communicate Assault Target – Door, Window, Person

Reduce Operational Mistakes – Avoid Miscommunication

Improve Team Coordination – Confirm Verbal Instructions

Training Air Support – Air Crew Signaling

Reduce Radio Chatter - Precise Silent Signaling 

Precise, Visual Comms – Between Pilots, Air Crews, Operators

Reduce Operational Errors – Improve Air Crew “Situational Awareness”

Mark LZ’s – Point Out Obstacles, Terrain Features, Insure Rotor Clearances

MARK-1ir  Manual & User Guide

Z-Bolt® IR Training Lasers, PDF Brief

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Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers

Training & Air Crew Signaling -
Safe, Precise, Visual & Non-Verbal -
Situational Awareness Tool for Rotary Wing Aircraft

Rotary aircraft crews require laser technology that can be safely used in training environments and in laser safety restricted air spaces and/or live fire exercises. They need a capability that provides for safe, precise, visual, and non-verbal communication between pilots and crew; between crew and ground support; to mark LZ's; for "squirter control"; for signaling & "target talk on"; to point out obstacles, terrain features, or even aircraft rotors to insure obstacle clearance. We are matching mission and training tasks to the appropriate laser capability & power output. Crews require "eye safe" power outputs; portability, ease of use, economic pricing; used hand-held by crews, gunners, and pilots; laser use through closed door windows (rubber hood in development - see gallery).

Instructors, Trainers, EOD Techs
Tactical Teams, SWAT, Hostage Rescue

Precision Beam & Dot Adds Clarity
Eliminate Confusion - Reduce Operational Errors

Use as a training laser for JFO & JTAC target marking; for tactical team coordination - for general training in schools, training centers (NTC & JRTC) and training ranges (when higher powered units are too dangerous to employ)  FDA Certified Class 1 Eye-Safe for any use - military or civilian.  Still 1,000 meter range with Gen 3 night vision optics.

Weight - 118 grams (4.1 oz.) with Switch & 1 pc CR123A
Overall Dimensions - L 126mm X 25.4mm x 25.4mm
NOHD - Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance = 0m
6061 Series Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
FDA Safety Class I / Certified Eye-Safe
Knurled Tube Power Lockout Function
Visual Range at Night - 1,000 meters
Battery Time - 75 hrs 1 pc CR123A
Laser Aperture Safety Shutter
Wavelength (Color) - 830nm
LED On Indicator - Green
Output Power - 0.7mW
Constant On Switch
Warranty - 2 Years

Design Features:

NOHD = 0

Water Resistant

Shock Resistant

Ruggedized Optics

75 hour Battery Run Time

Power Lockout Functionality 

Laser Aperture Safety Shutter

1" Knurled Tube, Lanyard Loop

Visual Range at Night = 1,000 meters

Box Contents:

1 pc MARK-1ir Tactical Infrared Laser

1 pc Retractable Gear Cable Tether

1 pc MOLLE Style Nylon Pouch

2 pc CR123A Lithium Batteries

1 pc User Guide & Spec Sheet