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Green DOT & LINE Laser - 4 & 8 pc Kits
EOD Team Kit - 4 pcs C-TRIP-10G, User Guides, Batteries
Part Number:C-TRIP-10G-KIT

Green DOT & LINE Laser - 4 & 8 pc Kits

C-TRIP-10G Green Laser EOD Kits - Trip Wire Illuminators for EOD Tech Teams, Bomb Squads, SWAT, Entry Teams, Spec Ops - 5 Mile Range Green Laser - Change Optics from Dot to Line - Projects 36° Fanned Vertical Line - 15' @ 15'
  • Deployments - LE & Military:FBI CIRG & NYPD Bomb Squads - US Navy, Army, USMC EOD Techs - MARSOC, NSW - Australian Spec Ops, Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)
  • SWAT & Entry Teams:Weapons Mount for Fast Assault and High Speed Room Clearing
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Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers

Green DOT & LINE Laser - Team Kits

Portable, Rugged & Adaptable
Illuminate and Fluoresce Trip Wires

Multi-Function Green Dot & Line Laser
EOD, IED Location Marking, Tactical Comms

The Z-Bolt® C-TRIP-10G combines a tactical green laser and laser line generator, all in one hybrid unit. (Combined capabilities nets equipment reduction). The green laser dot function emits a visible beam at night with a range of 5 miles. The laser line generator function paints a brilliant 36° fanned vertical green laser line, measuring 15’ at 15’ distant. Easily scan doorways, halls or stairwells with one pass. EOD techs use to illuminate and fluoresce trip and command wires. The C-TRIP-10G Hybrid Dot & Line Laser is safe to operate, water resistant, and shock resistant. Laser power actuator on battery end cap assembly; constant on/off performance. Choice of ACU, Coyote Brown, Black, Ranger Green, or Multicam MOLLE style modular pouch for battlefield transport and stowage. 2 pcs CR123A lithium batteries. Add the accessory rail mount kit for weapons mounting. In use by operational forces in theater - US Army, USMC, & US Navy EOD – USAF, MARSOC, Army SOF, NSW. Also FBI & Municipal Police Bomb Techs. 

Special Kitting - EOD Tech Teams and Bomb Squads

Choose nylon or soft pack. Outfit individual members of bomb tech teams (4) or bomb squads (8).  All kits are economically priced; production lead times no longer than 3 weeks for all kit sizes.  Laser ship with nylon carry pouch (choice of kit fabric); 2 pcs CR123A batteries; User Guide & Spec sheet.

4 pc Team Kit  $355 pc
8 pcs Squad Kit  $345 pc

Select Options

Kit Size
4 pc Team [$355 pc]
8 pc Squad [$345 pc]
Nylon Carry Pouch
Coyote Brown
Ranger Green
Soft Pack or Hard Case
Nylon Soft Pack
Hard Case

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Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers

Green DOT & LINE Laser

EOD & Engineers, Infantry Patrol
Navy, Army, USMC EOD & FBI Bomb Techs

The Z-Bolt® C-TRIP-10G has been adopted by the FBI, US Navy, US Army, and USMC EOD and is now deployed in the operational forces. EOD techs use to illuminate and fluoresce trip and command wires. The C-TRIP-10G projects a brilliant Green Laser Line. (36° Laser Fan Angle) Easily scan doorways, halls or stair wells with one pass. Choice of Modular Pouch included for battlefield transport and stowage. Laser Power Actuator on Battery End Cap Assembly; Constant On/Off performance.

EOD, Convoy Protection, EOF
Non-Verbal Command & Control Tool
Cross-Cultural, Multi-Lingual Communicator

Z-Bolt® Green Lasers simplify tactical operations and provide an indispensable tool for cross-cultural, multi-lingual communication with Allied and Indigenous Government Forces - providing a precise non-verbal comm for tactical teams and an improved state of situational awareness. Field Reports and recent theater deployments indicate the following Uses and Capabilities: Visual Comm to EOD Tech - Illuminate Suspected IED; Mark potential IED from Safe Distance for Robot or Dog Inspection; EOF - Checkpoint - Vehicle Driver Attention; Mark Targets and Concentrate Fire; Cordons & Route Clearance Patrols [RCP]; Allow / Deny Access to Entry Control Points [ECP] & Traffic Control Points [TCP]; Illuminate Trip Wires; Guard House Signaling - Fence Line Incursions; Base Security Visual Comm - Guard & Perimeter Patrol.

Weight - 128 grams (4.5 oz.) with Switch & 1 pc CR123A

Overall Dimensions - L 130 mm X 25.4 mm x 25.4mm

Wavelength [Color] - 532 nm [Green - 98% IR Filter]

Output Power [Point] - Certified 4.0 ~ 5.0 mW

Line Output Specifications - 36° Fan Angle

Line Output Specifications - 15' Line @ 15'

6061 Series Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

Range at Night [Point/Beam] - 5 Miles

FDA Safety Class IIIa / ANSI Class 3R

Battery Time - 6 hrs 1 pc CR123A

Constant On/Off Click Switch

Product Warranty - 2 Years

Design Features:
Water Resistant
Shock Resistant
Dot & Line Optics
Six (6) Hour Battery Life
Power Lockout Functionality 
Visual Range at Night - 5 miles
1" Knurled Tube, Lanyard Loop

4 pc Kit Contents:
4 pcs C-TRIP-10G EOD Green DOT & LINE Laser
4 pcs MOLLE Style Nylon Pouch
8 pcs CR123A Lithium Batteries
4 pcs User Guide & Spec Sheet