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HAND-HELD Laser POINTER Designators
Tactical Team Kits - 4, 8, 12 pcs

Z-Bolt® Tactical Team Kits permit wide deployment throughout your Bomb Squad - EOD Tech Team - Infantry Force - Police Unit - Rotary Wing Squadron - Regiment - Battalion - Platoon.  Z-Bolt® Field Utility Lasers provide ALL tactical teams with an effective and precise silent signaling designator tool to reduce operational errors while decreasing radio chatter; to improve situational awareness; for trip wire detection & fast, efficient room clearing; for non-lethal escalation of force – to “hail & warn”.  Kits built to order - 2 to 3 weeks on most requests.  Choose nylon laser pouch fabric - then soft pack or hard case.  Or build your own - mix & match laser types, accessories, etc.  Email us for special build quotes.  [email protected]